Our search for the best pitch deck template (but we didn’t find it)

3 min readApr 30, 2021


Okay, so imagine that you are an ambitieus entrepeneur of a potential million dollar start-up. At least, that is what you believe in. To pave the road for future succes, the first years of building your team and develop a great product that customers love and want is the hardest part. We all know that. Few entrepeneurs fund this period out of their own pocket, but the most out there need investors. These investors have limited time and receive multiple high-potential startup ideas every day asking for funding. So what do you do? You make a smashing pitch deck, presenting the upside of your business idea and why investors should invest in your start-up.

But, where do you start when you want to make a pitch deck?

First thing you do is (what everybody does) google what the requirements for a pitch deck are. These are easy to find, and you will notice that a pitch deck has certain structure with the same chapters and content. For example Y-combinator has this advice for a pitch deck structure for their start-ups:

  • Title: company name, logo, and one-liner outlining what you do.
  • Problem: what’s wrong with how the world currently works?
  • Solution: how do you solve the problem you just outlined?
  • Traction: do you have PMF as demonstrated by your numbers (e.g., strong growth, path to healthy unit economics)?
  • Market: is there a large TAM today or in the future?
  • Competition: who are your competitors and why are you 10x better than them?
  • Vision: how do you become a gigantic company?
  • Team: why are you the right people to do this? (Where this slide is ordered within your deck depends on the strength of your team. For example, if you’re a biotech company with experienced pharma executives, make this your second slide.)
  • Use of funds: what does the business look like in a few years and how much capital will it require?

Other examples that we looked at are from Sequoia and Andreesen Horowitz. These are basically the same structure as Y-combinator, but have a few minor differences. The chapters are all the same.

We know the structure. Let’s rock and roll.

So if the chapters and structure is generally the same for every investor, you start looking for templates. These documents give you a headstart and contain the lay-out of what a pitch deck should look like. You can easily fill the document with your own information, to rock the investorsmeeting and start building your million dollar start up. We started looking for a decent template, but didn’t find it. We only found a few PDF’s of pitch decks, but where are the powerpoint documents, that are ready to use and save you a lot of time?

So, we created the all-in-one pitch deck template to use.

If this easy to use pitch deck template is not out there (or we didn’t find it), we decided to create it. We made this pitch deck template for all those entrepeneurs that want to make a smashing pitch deck without the effort of creating all the graphs, pie-charts, structure and titles themselfs. It’s in Dutch, but could you let us know what you think? Highly appriciated!